TOLVA: A Standards-Driven Approach to Holistic Security

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In a world with growing cloud adoption, exponentially increasing endpoint devices, and a deepening focus on data privacy, security can no longer remain an external or bolt-on element to an organization. In the words of J MJ Mertin, Managing Director at TOLVA, “Security should be built from the ground up in all the IT systems and processes used in an organization. It cannot be restricted to a documented plan or register of the products deployed.” With such a mindset, TOLVA, an IT integrator, assists enterprises in extending robust security standards to all their IT operations. TOLVA’s services incorporate end-to-end security by default.

“We have developed a key set of security-focused solutions that can be integrated into the networks, operations, and cloud systems of our clients. These solutions not only bridge the security gaps and bring greater visibility into threats, but also offer centralized security co-ordination of all endpoints in the infrastructure,” explains Mertin. Moreover, TOLVA ensures tight integration between the products and solutions deployed in the client environment by binding together all their various vendors, solutions, and configurations into one coherent operating environment. “We combine security services, system settings, policies, procedures, and disaster recovery plans into a full-coverage solution for our clients rather than forcing them to purchase more technology solutions later on,” Mertin continues. This integration enables firms to maintain security and backup systems efficiently, and implement effective disaster recovery measures.

Unlike many other managed service providers (MSSPs) who only provide limited security monitoring services, TOLVA offers a comprehensive suite of managed IT services to trigger important alerts, and gain a deeper level of security and incident investigation without adding to the operational overhead of their clients.

TOLVA’s holistic approach enables firms to manage their on-premise and cloud architectures with confidence. As an IT integrator, TOLVA equips their clients with a structured plan to upgrade from on-premise to the cloud securely and efficiently. The company’s best-of-breed practices and frameworks meet the diverse needs of clients in wireless networks, data storage, software versions installed, and more.

We combine security services, system settings, policies, procedures, and disaster recovery plans into a full coverage solution for our clients

“We adopt industry best practices to deliver network stability while also safeguarding all endpoints to enable strong backend security for our clients’ IT infrastructure,” adds Mertin. Additionally, TOLVA also offers security audit and compliance services to allow firms to identify vulnerable points, eliminate risks, and stay compliant with industry and international standards.

Recently, TOLVA was approached to conduct a security audit and identify gaps in a client’s IT architecture. The client had witnessed an exponential growth in the last twelve months, and was concerned that their IT partner lacked the ability to scale with their growth. When TOLVA entered the scene, they carried out a security audit, which involved information gathering, network enumeration, and penetration testing. From this process, a report was generated detailing vulnerabilities and potential weak points, and the client was advised on ways to address them effectively and within budget. In essence, TOLVA revealed shortfalls created due to employing multiple vendors and assisted the client in developing a cost-effective roadmap to improve security across their entire IT infrastructure. Alongside, the company addressed the client’s concerns related to internal data thefts by offering expert counsel in the deployment of token-based security, smart cards, two-factor authentication, and limited use of external disks.

TOLVA aims to continue to invest in developing its skill sets with further industry and vendor certifications in the future. Furthermore, the company also looks forward to strengthening its team with new talent.
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J MJ Mertin, Managing Director

TOLVA is a Sydney based company providing a single source for integrated information technology solutions that improve business quality and productivity. The team at TOLVA have been providing a complete range of professional IT services, networking, and integrated technology solutions to small & medium organisations throughout Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, and expanding further across Australia, New Zealand and Germany in recent years. TOLVA cares about our customers’ success and satisfaction. We offer premium service with exceptional technical staff