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Vignesa Moorthy, CEO, ViewQwestVignesa Moorthy, CEO
When pre-Socratic Greek theorist Heraclitus philosophized, “The only thing that is constant is change,” little did he know that his saying would become a touchstone for modern businesses that are persistently aiming to cope with digital innovation.

Today, while driving a profound transition in business activities, processes, and competencies, the implementation of modern technologies has become a major undertaking that no organization can ignore. However, simply focusing on implementing these technologies does not reflect digital reinvention. Vignesa Moorthy, CEO of ViewQwest describes ‘digital reinvention’ as a comprehensive journey that requires careful rethinking of an organization’s complete business model. “Without revamping business workflows along with its security touchpoints, the true transformational potential of a company’s digitalization journey cannot be achieved,” Moorthy adds. For instance, many companies assume that moving their sensitive data from on-premise servers to the cloud makes them immune to data breaches. As a result, these organizations often overlook the distributed nature of the cloud and the subsequent need for additional security measures for its effective protection. So how can a digital enterprise enhance the connectivity of its critical data assets in a secure manner?

Enter ViewQwest, a Singapore-based information and communications technology company that provides secure end-to-end connectivity solutions alongside cybersecurity services to protect enterprise data centers and IP telephony networks from looming cyber threats. In addition to that, ViewQwest educates clients on the common network vulnerabilities while digitalizing core business operations to drive its effective detection and mitigation.

According to Moorthy, multi-office businesses today have numerous firewalls and security measures to monitor each of their employee devices.
However, in most cases, it is found that the security protocols used to protect the network is disparate, adhering to the location-specific security policies. This hinders enterprise administrators from holistically managing the overall network security of their business. To eliminate such challenges, ViewQwest utilizes its ‘defense-in-depth’ strategy, which involves analyzing a client’s organizational architecture, geographical distribution, data centers, and nature of data transit between employees, devices, and company assets. Subsequently, by leveraging the specifications of this analysis, ViewQwest deploys its software-defined wide network-based (SD-WAN) connectivity solutions to standardize the security policies across all offices and simplify the management of the overall security protocol.

Furthermore, with ViewQwest’s SD-WAN-based solutions, clients gain the ability to eliminate the high bandwidth costs and innate vulnerabilities of traditional multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) routing. “Unlike expensive MPLS, SD-WAN allows distributed businesses to be connected cost-effectively while also providing a single pane of glass to manage their security,” explains Moorthy.

In one instance, ViewQwest assisted a large domestic conglomerate with multiple subsidiaries to gain control over their entire security framework. Initially, each of the client’s business units—which are independent organizations—had deployed different security measures for network protection. To establish a standardized network security framework across the entire organization, one of the subsidiaries decided to enhance the overall security framework by creating a cybersecurity center of excellence. With this in mind, the client’s network administrators deployed ViewQwest’s security stack within their network and eliminated the use of disparate security solutions to gain visibility and control through a single pane of glass.

Looking ahead, ViewQwest plans to expand its unparalleled SD-WAN-based solutions to customers worldwide by expanding operations beyond its current footprint in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. At the same time, the company is set to leverage its partnerships with global network carriers to enhance its global SD-WAN networks. By driving the continuous innovation of its information and communication services and security capabilities, ViewQwest aims to revolutionize the security of enterprise connectivity. “We will continue to educate our clients on resolving the risks and exposures of digitalization and offer our comprehensive portfolio of enterprise connectivity solutions to protect them from the ever-evolving cyber threat now, and in the future,” concludes Moorthy.
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Vignesa Moorthy, CEO

ViewQwest is an Information and Communications Technology company providing premium global end-to-end connectivity solutions, including high-performance enterprise services, cybersecurity services, data centre services, IP telephony and more. Established in 2001 as a business Internet Service Provider (ISP), we are one of the first Facility Based Operators (FBOs) to deliver fibre-based connectivity services to businesses and residential customers. Our connectivity services are reliable with committed bandwidth and strong emphasis on our dedicated and responsive 24/7 technical support